Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube Pump Bearings are used worldwide in critical applications when reliability and bearing life are the main criteria.

For over 30 years, Vesconite has been proved as a superior bearing material in thousands of industrial applications. Since 1975, Vesconite has proved itself as the material of choice for water lubricated pump bearings.

What makes Vesconite the pump bearing material of choice?

  • Excellent dimensional stability. Vesconite does not absorb water or swell, so close running tolerances can be maintained.
  • Low friction. Vesconite is an internally lubricated polymer with a low coefficient of friction. This is exhibited even when lubrication is not present.
  • Machinability. Vesconite does not creep, deform or swell and machines easily to desired tolerances.

Applications include

  • Fire fighting and service water pumps for offshore oil drilling platforms
  • High pressure bilge pumps
  • Cooling water pumps for power stations
  • Irrigation and potable water supply
  • High pressure dewatering pumps for underground mines
  • Water winning pumps

Vesconite is a unique polymer bearing material which works in wet abrasive conditions.

Vesconite water lubricated bearing materials can be used for:

  • line shaft bearings
  • pump bowl bearings
  • stuffing box bushes
  • impeller wear rings
  • submersible motor bearings
  • lantern rings

Vesconite water lubricated bearings are a "fluid film" or "hydrodynamic" type, where fluid is drawn from the axial grooves and flows across the bearing surface forming a thin lubricant film. Fluid is then expelled through the next groove and is constantly replaced, keeping the temperature stable and the fluid film intact.

Various materials give similar performance when the operation is stable and continuous lubrication is present. But there are real situations when the lubrication water is interrupted or during a dry or unstable start up. It is during these conditions that Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube are the materials of choice.

Vesconite Hilube is PTFE filled to give a very low friction which is essential to surviving these conditions as well as elliminating stick-slip and reducing start up torque.

Dry running tests conducted on Vesconite Hilube
Pressure P 0.4 kg/cm2 (5.7 Psi)
Surface velocity V 360 m/min (1152 fpm)
PV 136 kg.m/min.cm2 (6566 Psi.fmp)

Vesconite Hilube survived these conditions for well over 1 minute without damaging the bearing. This is far better than alternative water lubricated pump bearing materials, many of which melt down or burn within seconds. 90% of dry start up specifications require only a 1 minute running time.

Dry starts of a few seconds duration should not cause concern, however prolonged dry running, grease or oil lubrication should be avoided as there is insufficient cooling available without a positive water flow through the bearing. Plastics have low thermal conductivity and higher thermal expansion than metals. It is imperative that any heat generated is removed directly from the bearing surface by the lubricating fluid.

Genuine Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube products are available from VescoPlastics sales outlets around the world. Make sure you receive the genuine article: demand a certificate of conformance from VescoPlastics.

There are no equivalents to Vesconite. Anyone offering you a "Just the same" product should be asked for a written guarantee of equal performance, along with case histories and their own technical data.

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